Safest Android Apps For Teenagers

Safest Android Apps For Teenagers

Are you wondering how to protect your teenage children when they are using an Android phone? There are several features built in with these smartphones that allows parents to keep a track of the activities of their kids. These include controlling access to websites by limiting access, restricting certain features or imposing various other rules on use. However, there are some apps that can be downloaded from Google Play Store which works as parental control for teenagers and not only lets the parents know what the kids are doing but also provides many useful tools that promote safety of their children. Here is a look at five most popular applications that helps in keeping the teens safe when they are out with their phone:


This app works as a complete cell phone tracking software to keep an eye on the activity of your children. You can track their entire browsing history which includes activities related to social media, emails and also other websites that they might have visited over the internet. Apart from this, you can set time limits for usage of phone after which all outgoing calls will be restricted so that kids don’t talk with strangers at late hours. The best part about this app is parental alerts system wherein you can get notified whenever your child tries to download any specific content or visits violent websites.

AVG Family Safety

This application has received great reviews from parents who are looking at keeping their teenage children safe when using Android phones. One of its feature is activity reports that provide details like how many times kids have used phone during a day, received calls from whom and at what time, where they were during all those hours and number of text messages sent or received. You can block certain websites on your child’s Android phones with this application which is a useful feature as teenagers are hooked to internet these days and it is also not safe on open network.

Norton Family Premier

This is another great option for all the parents who want to keep their children safe when using cell phones. It works in association with parent’s control panel online so that you can manage multiple devices connected with the account at one place. Reports for this app include detailed information about websites visited by teens, texts sent/received over phone, apps downloaded by them and their location details. You can set different time periods for usage of phone after which this app will block access to certain apps and other features on the device.

Mobicip :

This application doesn’t track all activities but provides complete control over sites that teenagers visit while using phones. It locks down browsing at scheduled times when kids are supposed to study or sleep so that they don’t waste time on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Another feature lets you block gaming websites during a particular period so that your children get encouraged to focus on studies rather than sitting in front of computer playing games online. Apart from these, you can also enable internet filters for safe web surfing by applying different settings like chat, keyword filtering etc with this app.

Kids Place

This is a must-have application on your child’s cell phone if you are looking at complete safety of teenagers. It not only lets you control web surfing on your child’s device but also allows creation of different profiles for individual children so that each one can have separate apps, games, wallpapers etc according to their age and preferences. Like many other applications listed here, it also provides usage reports on various activities done on the phone or tablet that includes how long they used phones/tablet during a day, what was browsed over the internet, text messages sent during the period etc. The paid version of this app also lets parents block access to certain websites by entering keywords which can be harmful for kids while online.


This is yet another application for Android phones that lets parents control web activity on their children’s devices. It locks down access to certain websites between specific hours in a day when kids are supposed to study after which they can use the phone for a limited period of time in a day which you can set up according to your preference. Apart from this, it also provides reports about the time spent by kids on phones or tablets during different periods in a day so that you can control their usage accordingly. If there are specific apps that are causing concern then you can restrict them using this app without disrupting other normal functions on your child’s mobile device.

Norton Family

Unlike other applications listed above here, this one has limitations because it provides tracking and reporting features using a web interface rather than a stand-alone app. Although, it doesn’t provide any reports about browsing activities on the device you can read logs from the online control panel to know how your child is using a phone or tablet in general. Apart from that, it allows complete filtering of apps installed on phones like Safari web browser to block certain sites that include pornographic content, chat rooms etc which could prove harmful for young minds.


This one here is not an application but a service you need to subscribe at beginning before making use of its features to monitor and control cell phone activities by teenagers. You can access this service using PC and start checking what all happened over the mobile while child wasn’t holding it. You can use its tracking and reporting features to get details of websites, text messages and calls done/received by them during the period they were using phone while you weren’t holding it which ensures complete safety while your children are on go. There are different paid plans available for this service depending upon needs of individual parents so you need to check out its website to know more about its pricing plans before subscribing to it.


This is one of the most popular monitoring applications that can be used for Android phones or tablets running Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 or higher. It provides a real-time location tracking feature through mobile GPS allowing parents to keep an eye on their child’s whereabouts anytime in a day when they are supposed to study. Apart from GPS, you can also monitor their phone usage through this service providing reports of all the activities done on the device like calls made/received, text messages sent/received etc which helps parents keep a tab on what really is going on with their children’s smartphone or tablet. It also allows parents to block specific applications installed on devices using a web-based control panel without disturbing other normal functions allowing kids to have fun at same time.

SMS tracker

This one here is yet another spying tool that can be used for tracking down complete details of SMS sent and received by teenagers over Android phones or tablets. Parents just need to access its website from any internet-enabled PC and start checking out logs related to all activity happening on the child’s phone or tablet. You can use this service to know about who your kid is talking to through SMS, what all messages were exchanged between them which ensures the safety of children at all times while they are using their mobile phones.


This one here offers complete tracking and reporting solution for Android devices that allow parents to control kids’ smartphone activities whenever required. It provides an easy-to-use interface that lets parents monitor calls made/received by teenagers along with details like call duration, contact number dialed/received etc which helps you keep a tab on who do they talk to most frequently in day time.

Apart from it, you can also track down the location of your child anytime you want through its real-time GPS tracking service and check out their browsing history through web interface which ensures that children aren’t visiting any harmful website. It also allows parents to block certain apps on a child’s device using its list of pre-configured applications to make sure they are not getting distracted from studies.


This one here is another Android tracking and spying application like all other ones mentioned above but provides features like blocking programs, recording incoming/outgoing calls and video recording of screen activities more than others which can be very helpful for concerned parents to monitor children whenever required. Apart from this, it also allows you to monitor SMS and contact logs related to ‘who texted or called’ which helps you keep an eye on contacts your kids frequently interact with besides log details of all activities done through their devices.

It provides an easy-to-use interface that lets you track down details of calls made/received by kids, send text messages to them without actually touching the phone and record video of screen activities if required. Apart from this, it also offers parental control feature that allows parents to restrict access to certain applications on devices using a web-based interfaces so kids can’t use them for non-productive purposes. It is compatible with Android smartphones running Ice Cream Sandwich version 4.0 or higher and is available at $14.99 per month that you can subscribe to it right away if interested.


As the time flies, the need of parents is increasing exponentially. It is a very common question among the child related forums that “how to monitor kids’ smartphones?”. This post provides ten best solutions for monitoring your students and their phones which you can implement right away without any problem whatsoever.

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