How to Reset Acer Laptop To Factory Settings Without Password?

Yesterday, my laptop’s screen was black and I had to restart it. After restarting the Acer logo appeared for some time and after this acer welcome box appeared. Unfortunately, I lost password of my laptop (acer aspire v3-771) and now its asking for that. Please help me how can I reset or remove my password?

If you are also facing same problem with Acer Laptop then don’t worry! Here is simple tutorial which will guide you how to Remove/Reset Password on any Acer Laptop Without using any Software or without loosing data.

This method will work on following Model Number:

How To Reset/Remove Acer Password Without Using Any Software?

1 Method:  Using Hard Reset

2 Method:  Using BIOS Menu

3 Method:  Windows Login Password Reset

4 Method:  Using Acer Recovery Management

1. Hard Reset:

Hard reset is very simple and easy way to remove/reset password from any Acer laptop without using any software. Just follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Shut Down your Acer Laptop.

Step 2: Hold down the Power Button for about 10 seconds to turn it off completely.

Step 3: Now, turn on your Laptop by pressing Power Button and keep pressing F8 Key simultaneously. You will see Advanced Boot Menu.

Step 4: Select Safe Mode with Networking by using arrow keys and press Enter Key.

Step 5: Logon to Safe Mode with Networking and Go to BIOS Menu by pressing the key F9 on boot screen.

Step 6: Now, go to “Security” Section and Clear CMOS by selecting “Clear CMOS and Load Default Settings”.

Step 7: Save settings and exit from BIOS Menu.

Step 8: Shut Down your Laptop again.

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Step 9: Turn it on and you will see your password is removed or reset successfully without using any software or hardware key. However, if you want to remove Windows Login Password then follow below tutorial: [Windows Login Password Reset] Method-2 Using BIOS Menu 1) First of all turn off your Acer laptop then press “Acer logo button+Escape” simultaneously for few seconds. 2) It will open BIOS menu. 3) Now, go to “Security” and clear CMOS by selecting “Clear CMOS and Load Default Settings”. 4) Save changes and Exit from BIOS menu. 5) Done! Method-3 Using Acer Recovery Management If you can logon with your Windows Password but lost BIOS password then follow below tutorial: [Remove/Reset Laptop BIOS]

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