How to remove scratches from aluminum Laptop

The first step you should take to remove scratches from laptop is to find what caused the scratch. General causes of laptop scratching are usually keys or coins.

First, look for any debris on your laptop like coins, paperclips, etc. After taking out anything that might be causing the scratch, try to buff it off with a microfiber cloth (a t-shirt would also work). If this does not work you can use different grades of sandpaper that start at 1000 and go down to 1200 then 2000 etc until you get your desired result.

Laptop Cleaner Bottle

One of the best ways to get rid of scratches on an aluminum laptop is with a good cleaner. You can find them at Amazon or any online shop, as well as retailers in your area! If you don’t have one yet, here are some other options:

You may need something stronger if those deep and stubborn stains won’t budge – but it doesn’t hurt to try using toothpaste first before moving on to another option like glue wheels that work better for removing more intricate designs from metal surfaces.

Metalic Polish For Scratch Removal

The Scratch Remover is a fantastic option for removing minor scratches on your car. It comes with 3 stages and will spare different types of scratches while expelling old ones so you can have an even smoother finish without any worry about what’s underneath! If this isn’t enough to convince you, we offer free shipping as well – order today from Autoanything!

Plastic Polish

If you’re experiencing a lot of scratches on your MacBook Pro, don’t worry! You can remove the stains with these easy steps. First find out what type or coloration is affecting and then go from there by following this guide:

In order for these products to work best they must match up exactly as dark imprints won’t respond well in contrast shades where lighter colors have been applied over top so if possible try matching them accordingly before starting scrubbing away at those pesky marks which may be difficult considering how far into wear.

Use of Toothpaste

It might seem strange but it’s a cheaper alternative and it has abrasive properties. You have to take the pea-sized amount of toothpaste mixed with water, dampen your toothbrush for this purpose if you have one already before applying any mixture on scratches in order not to cause unnecessary bubbles when brushing away at surface blemishes from Laptops’ finish using gentle pressure while moving up-and-down motioning back forth alternatively overlapping circles about an inch apart doing so will help remove mostly superficial damage without having risk damaging anything more serious such as removing deeper grooves/improved glossiness, etc depending upon manufacturer instructions.

Next, if there is still an obvious scratch left put some toothpaste on the scratch and rub it till it becomes extremely hazy(it will turn white) and wash it off with water and a microfiber cloth.

The laptop should now be scratch-free! If you do not notice any improvement after using the toothpaste, move on to step three.

Other than that you will need some high grit sandpaper (2000+) and some aluminum polish(you can get this at an auto store).

Apply the polish onto your laptop in small sections as too much will dry up quickly(Do not use your fingers or hands to spread out the polish). After that buff off the excess polish from each section with a clean microfiber cloth, then apply more of the aluminum polish and rub till there is no longer a hazy look to it.

Continue doing this process until the laptop looks brand new, then finish it off with some car wax to protect the laptop from further scratches.