13 Common Sneaker Shopping Mistakes to Avoid

When it comes to shoe shopping, we’re often at a loss. There’s just so much choice and finding the right pair can be an arduous task, but which mistakes should you avoid when you go out there in search of new kicks?

Here are common sneaker shopping mistakes made by novice and expert collectors alike:

Buying shoes because they look nice on the shelf

One key mistake many people make is buying shoes simply because they look nice on the shelf or online. It may sound like common sense, but before spending your hard-earned money on a pair of sneakers, think about whether you actually need them. Will these shoes add value to your collection?

Do they represent something that is true to you? As simple as this sounds, many people end up buying shoes that don’t solve a problem in their collection because they looked nice on the internet.

Thinking sneakers are an investment

Quite often in the sneaker world, you’ll hear people talking about how much money they’ve made by investing in shoes. There’s something to be said for collecting high-value pairs of rare sneakers aka ‘shoes that actually appreciate’, but let’s get one thing straight: sneakers are not investments. If you’re looking at paying hundreds or thousands for shoes with the expectation that their value will appreciate, think again! With all things collectible, there is simply no certainty when it comes to future prices and what goes up can equally go down. Sneakers are certainly not an exception to this rule.

Buying shoes just because they’re expensive

Equally, some people buy sneakers simply because they cost a lot of money. While there’s no doubt that certain high-value releases can be worth the price tag just by virtue of their scarcity and appeal, it doesn’t necessarily mean you should go out and spend large amounts of money on any pair of shoes your heart desires. Just like with expensive wine or art, in some cases (most cases?) its actually not about how much something costs, but what it means to you .

Assuming that retail prices are lower than they really are

We’re often taught that if we pay more for things in the future then we’re getting a better deal, but this isn’t always the case. In sneaker culture it can be very common for retailers to sell shoes at a higher price than what they were originally bought for – an unfortunate reality of today’s market. If you’re buying a pair of limited release sneakers from a retailer who has massively increased their asking price from what they cost on Sneakerdon, it may be difficult to recoup your money even if you manage to sell them on eBay or Amazon one day.

Buying shoes purely because they are exclusive

It is certainly true that limited-release sneakers often command high prices both online and in-store, but just because something is rare does not mean it will increase in value. Just with any other item, there is a level of scarcity and demand that is required for sneakers to increase in significance and price.

Not checking on the condition of the shoes before buying

It may sound like common sense, but many people don’t check how their prospective purchase looks before handing over their hard-earned cash. Sneakers that have been worn once, twice or more will likely be less valuable than new pairs as their resale value naturally decreases as time goes by. Even if you can get a good deal on pre-owned shoes, they may not retain much of their worth if they haven’t been treated well by previous owners. Always thoroughly inspect your potential purchases!

Forgetting about comfort and fit

Sneakers are meant to keep your feet comfortable and support your body; this is why it’s important to choose shoes that fit you properly. If a pair of sneakers are too tight or loose, they won’t be able to perform their essential functions. Don’t forget to check the sizing guide on each individual page before you buy!

Wearing brand-new sneakers without breaking them in first

Even if it means sacrificing how they look, its always best to wear through your new sneakers for a couple of weeks or so before wearing them out in public – especially if you’ve paid over $100 for them. The ‘breaking in’ process prevents unnecessary pain and makes sure your shoes last longer by stretching out the materials used .

Not being patient about getting the perfect pair

When you see a pair of sneakers that you absolutely love online, it’s all too easy to just go and buy them as soon as they’re available. However, from experience I can tell you that there are times when it is better to wait for the right pair rather than buy the first one that comes your way. Forcing yourself to be patient will save you a lot of money in the long run!

Jumping straight into big orders before trying smaller orders first

Getting your hands on special release sneakers may require submitting a lot of orders through an online retailer – but this doesn’t mean that it has to be expensive! While many sneakerheads choose to put down hundreds at a time, exclusive drops can also be snagged with smaller orders every week or two. Breaking up your shopping into more manageable chunks means that you can afford to buy multiple pairs of sneakers, rather than just one pair.

Ignoring the importance of replacing your shoes when they get old

While it is certainly possible to wear out a pair of sneakers over many years of use, this usually isn’t necessary if you take proper care of your kicks! It’s important to keep in mind that no matter how much you like your current shoes; someday they will start to fall apart – and it’s best not to let them deteriorate too badly before buying new ones (or at least repairing them). The longer you wait, the less likely it is that there will be shops selling similar products!

Not having a clear idea of your size and style

Even if you already own some sneakers, it’s probably best to do some research on what you might need for future purchases. A lot goes into choosing the perfect pair of shoes: from materials used, to colorways and even how they fit on your feet! Each product page has lots of useful information on how they look, their features and the sizing guide – plus more tips and tricks for buying sneakers on eBay and Amazon at the bottom. Check them out!

Expecting to make money off of each purchase

Sneakers reselling isn’t as simple as finding nice-looking shoes that haven’t been worn much, slapping a price tag on them and then making a big profit. It’s easy to overprice shoes at first, especially if you don’t know much about them, but this is how you end up making no money off of your purchases – or even losing out !


Now you should have a good idea of the ways in which most people make mistakes when they buy sneakers online – and learning from other’s experiences is one of the best ways to keep yourself safe. Try not to commit too many of these mistakes, and you’ll stand out even amongst experienced sneakerheads!

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